WHO Calls on Israeli Entity to Reverse Orders of Evacuating Hospitals in Gaza Strip

Geneva, The World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday called on the Israeli entity to reverse its orders on evacuating hospitals located in north Gaza Strip, warning of the consequences of transferring numerous patients, especially those on ventilators.

There are patients in hospitals and transferring them to other areas is not that easy, specially that they are on ventilators, with infants being in incubators whose transference is extremely challenging, said WHO spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic in a press statement.

Jasarevic stressed that it is highly important for the Israeli entity to reconsider these demands.

Although hospitals have protection in accordance with the international humanitarian law, however, 20 hospitals in north Gaza Strip have received evacuation orders from the Israeli occupation, while the Israeli occupation has stepped up airstrikes targeting residential buildings and civilian facilities causing the fall of thousands of martyrs and injured persons.

Normally, civic infrastructure, hospitals, schools and other critical infrastructures are exempted from any attack during war based on the international humanitarian law, but the Israeli occupation committed a massacre after attacking Al Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza resulting in the fall of over 500 martyrs, most of them were women and children while over 600 others were injured.

Source: Qatar News Agency