State Sec.: US, France to prevent Gaza conflict from spreading to other regions

PARIS, The US will work with France to prevent the conflict ongoing in Gaza from spreading to other regions in the Middle East, said US State Secretary Antony Blinken.

This came in a joint press conference after a meeting between Blinken and his French counterpart, Stephane Sigourney, where major international crises were discussed, especially the Middle East and Ukraine, in addition to preparations for the upcoming North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit.

Blinken stressed that his country is looking “carefully” into the necessary steps taken by Israel for aid delivery, explaining that it is “absolutely necessary.” For his part, Sigourney stressed the importance of the two-state solution, which is the only solution capable of meeting the legitimate aspirations of Israelis and Palestinians for security and independence, in addition to security in the Middle East.

He emphasized working with the US, the main actors, and members of the Security Council to resolve issues related to international affair
s, such as the situation in Gaza and Lebanon, in addition to Ukraine.

Blinken began a European tour that includes France and Belgium to discuss a number of international issues, including the ongoing Israeli occupation aggression against the Gaza Strip and participation in a ministerial meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Source: Kuwait News Agency

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