Qatar Foundation and Ooredoo Partner to Advance ESG Goals

Doha: Qatar Foundation and Ooredoo Qatar have announced a three-year partnership on the sidelines of Qatar Economic Forum 2024.

Under the partnership, the two organizations will work towards shared responsibilities to advance Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals in Qatar and across the region.

This collaboration strengthens the two organizations’ collective impact by uniting efforts in the area of education, health and community, and leveraging global platforms and networks to enhance exposure and effectiveness of their joint initiatives such as Qatar Foundations (QFs) WISH Summit that will allow collaborative work in the area of innovative healthcare, and the Doha International Family Institute (DIFI) Conference to support the protection and promotion of sustainable societies.

Qatar Foundation member Earthna Center for a Sustainable Future (Earthna) will be supporting and guiding Ooredoos sustainable initiatives as Earthna brings specialized thought leadership, expertise and global networks
in sustainability, and will help Ooredoo achieve its environmental and social goals.

Chief Business Officer of Ooredoo Qatar, Thani Ali Al Malki, shared his views on the collaboration: “Our partnership with Qatar Foundation is a pivotal step towards integrating sustainable practices into our core business strategies and contributing positively to Qatars National Vision 2030.” Executive Director of Earthna, Dr. Gonzalo Castro de la Mata, remarked on the partnership: “At Earthna, our roots are anchored in supporting Qatar’s ambition to enhance sustainability, and we look forward to working closely with Ooredoo in this endeavor.

“We believe in the influential role the private sector can play in setting a precedent through its actions by driving direct, tangible, and positive change for the benefit of our societies and we will always welcome opportunities to partner with private organizations, so that our respective ecosystems of knowledge and resources can be combined and magnified to collectively make an impa
ct on peoples lives.” Qatar Foundation and Ooredoos organizational-wide partnership focuses on their shared vision for a sustainable future, harnessing collective expertise and resources to drive significant environmental, social, and governance advancements. Together, Qatar Foundation and Ooredoo, are setting new benchmarks for corporate responsibility and community engagement, ensuring that the progress made today will leave a lasting legacy and positive impact on generations to come.

Source: Qatar News Agency