Sisi thanks Egyptians for their ‘dazzling’ participation in constitutional referendum

Egypt’s President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi on Tuesday 23/4/2019 praised the Egyptian people for dazzling the world with their patriotism by voting in a constitutional referendum this weekend, in comments hours after the results of the poll were announced.

Egypt’s National Elections Authority said on Tuesday evening that 88.83 percent of voters had voted in favour of the package of constitutional amendments under consideration.

“I salute the great Egyptian people who dazzled the world with their patriotism and national awareness of the challenges facing our beloved country Egypt,” El-Sisi wrote on his Facebook page.

“This wonderful scene was weaved by Egyptians, with their usual geniality, when they participated in the referendum on the constitutional amendments and exercised their political and constitutional rights, the president added.

Long live Egypt and long live the great people of Egypt,” he concluded.

Source: State Information Service Egypt