GWM Designers decode design secrets of New Models Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2021

SHANGHAI, April 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — On April 19, Great Wall Motors (GWM) unveiled several new models and concept cars at Auto Shanghai 2021. Specifically, HAVAL family introduced HAVAL JOLION and 3rd Gen HAVAL H6. GWM PICKUP upgraded full-size pickup. TANK officially announced the fifth brand of GWM. On the spot, we had the honor to hear Raul Pires Junior, SVP of Design for GWM and Andrew Collinson, Head of Design In GWM, sharing their insights on global automotive design trend and decoding design philosophy of GWM vehicles.

GWM Designers decode design secrets of New Models Unveiled at Auto Shanghai 2021

User experience oriented and differentiated design language

At this exhibition, GWM launched a new brand-TANK. Together with the existing brands, GWM becomes the automaker that owns five brands. In view of how to stand out from rivals while maintaining its own brand identity, as well as how to defederate design among the five major brands, the master of design will have to indicate the direction for future designing. To answering this question, Raul Pires Junior noted that each brand needed to establish its own system based on its values, segment market and target consumer group. To achieve these goals, each brand needs to establish a specific system. GWM’s secret is pursuing ultimate user experience, listening to consumer feedback, leveraging professional styling language, carefully shaping customer personalities and increasing quality perception of each band through ingenious design. Different bands are born to cater for the needs of different consumer groups. In this sense, each brand will have to differentiate design language. For HAVAL, we want it to be more youthful. Besides, we also wish it being able to reflect the direction in the mind of the customers via a unique styling language.

Global aesthetics to meet diversified consumer needs

As a global enterprise, GWM faces different customers from the global market. The key lies in how to meet diversified user needs from various countries. Regarding to this subject, Raul Piers Junior said, “what is very good inside GWM is we have several teams and groups representing each project that we work, and they feed the design with their requirements and their wishes from each local customer. Other than that, GWM has a special team to gather automotive design trends to enable the brand to keep up with the latest trend and always stay in the front of design concept. ”

Innovative pickup design DNA and lifts products to a premium level

At Auto Shanghai 2021, GWM released the first full-size pickup, which attracted wide attention from all walks of society. How to enhance the luxury feeling in pickup design and upgrade its value perception are the key to boost the consumption of pickup. The design concept is to make pickup popular. “We are picking up some of the luxury and sculpture and add such elements into the design of pickup. The beautiful design also transfers from the exterior to the interior, where we are offering an unsurpassed level of luxury materials. From the wheel to the front bumper, we have clean design and nice sculpture that bring life and three dimensionalities,” said Andrew, GWM PICKUP Design Director of GWM, “The all-new pickup features a more luxury design style and it will be the DNA of future GWM PICKUP design direction.” Meanwhile, as technology develops, market shifts and more users start to accept the series, GWM PICKUP will present a more enriched design language.

GWM has been kept abreast with the times, taken user experience as the core, and maintained an international team. Thanks to these efforts, it starts to create its own unique design language and style step by step. At the same time, GWM has diversified users demands of different markets into the brand’s overall design consideration. This has become a pillar of GWM’s global strategy in various global markets.

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