Euro-Mediterranean Observatory: A massacre against civilians as they attempted to pick up communications broadcasts in Gaza

Gaza – Together – The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Observatory said that Israel committed a massacre against Palestinian civilians when they attempted to capture communications and Internet broadcasts, which adds another crime to the series of crimes of targeting, killing, and intentionally wounding civilians in Gaza.

The Observatory added: We documented the occupation army’s targeting of a gathering of Palestinian civilians at an ‘internet distribution point’ on ‘Al-Jalaa’ Street at the ‘Al-Oyoun’ intersection in the center of Gaza City this Wednesday afternoon, which led to the martyrdom of at least four people, including a child, whose body parts were recovered. 15 others were injured, including moderate and serious injuries.

He pointed to testimonies he collected that showed that the attack was carried out with a missile from a sudden Israeli drone that directly targeted a tent used as an Internet distribution point and caused a huge explosion while dozens gathered to access the Internet and communic
ate with their families and relatives.

The Observatory confirmed that the occupation army continues to repeatedly target and kill Palestinian civilians, including journalists, as they attempt to capture communications and Internet broadcasts to communicate with their families or their employers, by directly targeting them with aerial bombardment or snipers and shooting from drones in various areas of the Gaza Strip, without them being there. They pose any threat or danger.

He said: As a result of the systematic and widespread Israeli destruction of civilian objects in the Gaza Strip, including the transmission stations of mobile phone networks and the destruction of Palestinian communications exchanges, civilians are resorting to random distribution points and high places in an attempt to capture the communications signal of alternative networks for operating the Internet on electronic cards, except The Israeli forces deliberately and directly target these civilians.

He pointed out that the repeated Israel
i targeting of civilians as they try to pick up communications and Internet signals is focused on the besieged areas where the occupation army commits various international crimes, which would obscure the truth, obstruct press coverage of those crimes, and prevent people from being able to transmit them and communicate among themselves.

He stated: The Israeli targeting takes place at a time when the residents of the Gaza Strip are suffering from a continuous and almost complete interruption of communications, which exacerbates their suffering, coinciding with their exposure to intense and continuous air and artillery bombardment around the clock for the eighth month in a row.

He said: Permanently preventing the residents of the Gaza Strip from accessing the Internet and means of communication increases the state of fear and terror they live in, with their inability to check on their loved ones, communicate with them, access life-saving information, or document the serious crimes committed against them on a
daily basis.

Source: Maan News Agency