Consumer Prices Index Experiences Moderate Rise in January

Amman: The Consumer Price Index (CPI) witnessed an increase in January, rising by 1.95 percent to reach 109.72, compared to 107.62 in January 2023.

According to the monthly report released by the Department of Statistics on Sunday, several factors contributed to this uptick. The water and sanitation category saw a rise of 7.34 percent, followed by personal effects at 5.92 percent, and dry and canned vegetables and legumes at 5.87 percent.

Additionally, contributions to unions rose by 5.86 percent, while meat and poultry increased by 5.41 percent. Slighter rises were observed in the fuel and lighting group at 1.74 percent, home textiles at 1.42 percent, culture and entertainment at 1.05 percent, and clothing at 0.66 percent.

Conversely, the general CPI experienced a minor decrease in January of this year, dropping by 0.08 percent to 109.72 compared to the previous month in 2023, which was at 109.82.

The report highlighted key commodity groups contributing to this decline, with notable decreases seen in dry
and canned vegetables and legumes at 2.64 percent, transportation at 0.78 percent, fuel and lighting at 0.54 percent, dairy products and eggs at 0.11 percent, and home textiles at 0.08 percent.

Source: Jordan News Agency