AWC Launches Electronic Awareness Campaigns in Southern Governorates

Aqaba: The Aqaba Water Company (AWC) is set to initiate electronic awareness initiatives spanning the southern governorates on Thursday as part of its endeavors to advocate optimal water resource management and streamline financial transactions for citizens.

Under the USAID-funded Water Sector Governance Project, the company is embarking on a series of awareness programs beginning from Tafila Governorate, under the theme “Make it easy for yourself,” aiming to acquaint citizens with electronic water bill payment methods.

Malek Rawashdeh, the company’s General Manager, emphasized in a press release on Wednesday that the campaigns aspire to enhance service quality, simplify procedures for citizens, and foster community involvement in water conservation efforts, emphasizing behavior modification as integral to water preservation.

He elaborated that the campaign, originating from Tafila, aims to educate citizens on electronic payment tools, including “eFAWATEERcom”, payment cards, and e-wallets, aligning with t
he government’s push towards a digital economy.

Rawashdeh outlined the campaign’s focus on electronic payment essentials, security measures, and responsible financial conduct, urging citizens to safeguard their financial information and avoid fraudulent activities online.

Muhammad Mahamid, Southern Governorates Management Contracts Director at AWC, affirmed that these campaigns aim to cultivate water consciousness, rationalize consumption, and highlight water-related challenges, underscoring the company’s dedication to leveraging modern technologies for efficient water management.

Mahamid emphasized the campaign’s inclusivity, targeting residents across Tafila, Karak, and Ma’an governorates with tailored media content catering to diverse age groups.

The Company pledges to continue its water awareness initiatives, addressing emerging topics to cultivate a water-conscious society equipped to navigate evolving challenges.

Source: Jordan News Agency