X Removes Feature of Blocking Accounts

Elon Musk said that the X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, will remove the ability for users to block other accounts.

Musk said that blocking will still be possible for direct messages, but that it would be deleted as a “feature,” adding that the platform will maintain the mute feature that removes the tweets of certain accounts, but unlike the block, it does not inform these accounts of this procedure.

He pointed out that blocked accounts wont see your posts and that their posts wont show up in your feed. The blocked account also cant direct-message you.

People will still be able to mute other accounts, which means they wont see that users posts. But a muted account can see the persons posts, respond to them and repost them to their own followers with commentary. Muted accounts also can still send direct messages.

Many users consider it necessary to keep the block option, because it is often an effective way to prevent abuse on the platform.

It is possible that canceling or restricting the blocking feature may lead to the X platform conflicting with the guidelines of the Apple App Store and Alphabet’s Google Play, where the two companies believe that applications in which user-created content should provide the ability to block “abusive” users, and the content they post.

Source: Qatar News Agency