Transport minister: Long-term program to qualify 150 engineers at railway authority

Transport Minister Kamel el Wazir announced the formulation of a 10-year program to qualify 150 engineers to become future leaders at the railway authority.

The minister’s remarks were made during his meeting with 150 engineers of various specializations, including electricity, mechanics, civil engineering, e-communication, who have recently joined the Egyptian National Railways Authority (ENR) after passing all tests conducted before joining high-level training courses at Wardan Institute specialized in railways.

The minister noted that the program will comprise training sessions at Wardan Institute, or Egyptian universities specialized in railways along with major companies operating in the production of railway engines.

He asked the engineers to show commitment to their work and put the success of the railway authority as their prime target.

As per qualifications for the human cadres in the railway, Wazir said a comprehensive plan is currently underway to train the human cadres through various educational and cultural courses, in addition to graduating new batches of technicians and engineers to work for the authority.


Source: State Information Service Egypt

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