Top four live Arabic football streaming websites

There are many popular sports around the world, but there are few have captured the hearts and minds of fans the way football has – especially popular in Egypt, where it is hailed as a national past time.

And as the FIFA World Cup in Qatar gets underway, lasting from November 20 to December 18, football is on everyone’s minds more than ever.

For avid football fans eager to watch all sorts of matches through streaming, here are the top four best football streaming websites of 2022 for Arabic audiences:

1-bein match

bein match is one of the best and most famous Arab sports websites, broadcasting all football matches live while also providing coverage of football news from all Arab and non-Arab countries. The website has many unique advantages compared to other sports websites: it displays results of African, Arab, Saudi, Asian and Sudanese football matches immediately, in addition to transmitting sports news to the website’s followers quickly free of charge.

bein match offers different video quality from which viewers can choose whatever suits their internet subscription.

2- Al Ostoura

If you are a football fan and want to watch all the Arab and African matches and tournaments directly, you can follow the Ostoura website.

It is characterized by displaying all matches live in addition to displaying the latest news after verifying its authenticity from its main source.

The website displays the goals of each match separately, and the latest sports developments.

3-kora star

The kora star website is specialized in displaying all football matches online, whether Arab, African, Saudi or Asian matches and many other matches that football fans are looking.

Kora star broadcasts European matches live, which is difficult for most websites to broadcast live. kora star displays the latest results of the most important matches quickly, and one of the most important advantages of this website is that it provides news links to followers as well as videos and analytical programs for the matches and its summary. It displays high quality matches without any interruption in the picture or sound.

4- Yalla Live

One of the websites that have won the admiration of many football fans is Yalla Live. Beside live broadcast of matches it provides various qualities that the viewer can choose among them. It also has an application that can be downloaded to the phone.

Source: Egypt Independent

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