The 48th Anniversary of the October Victory… Egypt’s Victories Continue

With the 48th anniversary of the victory of the Egyptian army and Sinai libration, we celebrate the event that will remain a defining moment in the history of modern Egypt as it represents a historical epic and military heroism that the leading military academies in the world teach .

Battles, victories, and sacrifices follow one another. Perhaps our victory in the battles of combating terrorism and extremism, our battle against drugs, and the process of construction and development, especially in Sinai ensure us that the glorious October victory has motivated everyone towards giving, building, and development.

Moreover, it becomes clear that the spirit of October has been a reason for Egypt’s sons to evoke the glorious past so as to proceed in the battles of the present and the future.

The victory of the Egyptian state in the battle of terrorism, the dismantling of extremist ideology, and thwarting the plans of terrorists is no less important than the battle of liberation and the military victory over the enemy in the glorious October.

Over the past seven years, the Egyptian state, under the leadership of President El-Sisi, managed to defeat terrorists and the takfiri groups, whether in Sinai or throughout the country.

Egypt succeeded to reduce the terrorist operations to unprecedented rates, compared to 2014, which witnessed an escalation in the terrorist operations particularly in Sinai as the Brotherhood group used it as the basis for their plan to jeopardize the Egyptian security and to return to power.

There is another war, that may be more ferocious than the military battles, launched by the security bodies with the participation of the armed forces, i.e. the battle against drugs.

The huge amount of drugs seized in recent years, targeting the Egyptian people, reflects the difficulty of the war Egypt faces on different frontlines.

The evil forces target Egypt’s security and stability by supporting terrorists with money and weapons, and they are also intent on destroying young people with drugs.

They target to destroy their minds in order to cause societies to have no real force, namely youths, to proceed without awareness or consciousness, which in turn makes it easy to control societies and subject them to any special agendas.

It is worth mentioning that with the advent of the 48th anniversary of the victory of October 1973, we have won the battle of construction and development in Sinai after decades of neglect and disregard.

We have comprehensive construction prospects as Sinai has witnessed the implementation of mega projects costing more than 650 billion pounds within 7 years; the last of which was the opening of the Bahr al-Baqar water treatment plant in September 2021.

The plant is the largest of its kind in the world at a cost of about LE 20 billion, to contribute to the reclamation of about 400,000 feddans within the framework of the national project for the development of Sinai.

This confirms the special status Sinai enjoys in the present and the future.

Thus, we not only celebrate the anniversary of the crossing on October 6, 1973, but also celebrate the new crossing and our victory in the battle for the development of Sinai.

This was confirmed by President El-Sisi during his inauguration of the Bahr al-Baqar plant on September 27, 2021. He asserted that terrorists and evildoers are against development and construction in Sinai, as terrorists do not want the process of development in Sinai to be completed, and that is why we are fighting two wars; one against terrorism and the other to complete construction and development.

All these battles make it necessary for all of us to support the Egyptian state and its leaders to face them. As the armed forces, the security bodies, and Egypt’s youths play their role in those wars, we all should evoke the glorious October spirit, and to be proud of it to confront all the wars and difficulties we face in our present and future.

Moreover, the present and coming generations should be inspired by the great sacrifices made by their parents and ancestors to protect Egypt’s sacred territories and to raise Egypt’s flag high.

Source: State Information Service Egypt

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