Machnouk: Elections will occur though not on time

Interior and Municipalities Minister, Nouhad Machnouk, reassured that he would set communications with President Michel Aoun, Speaker Nabih Berri and PM Saad Hariri in order to take a decision regarding the date for upcoming parliamentary elections, confirming that there will be elections on a near time though not on the currently specified one.

Minister Machnouk’s stance came Thursday in the context of an interview with Egyptian CBC Extra News.

He said that nationalizing displaced Syrians in Lebanon was impossible, adding that President Aoun must patronize an understanding over achieving a national strategy prone to make positive use of Hezbollah’s weapons against any possible Israeli aggression.

Machnouk hailed the security cooperation between Lebanon and Egypt, pinpointing to the Egyptian help for Lebanon in detecting spying apparatuses working in favor of Israel.

Source: National News Agency