Exchange of African experiences in the field of space

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Khaled Abdel-Ghaffar held a meeting with Dr. Mohamed El-Qousy, Chief Executive of the Egyptian Space Agency, and a group of space officials in some African countries.

During the meeting, the minister stressed the importance of Egyptian-African cooperation in the field of space, which will reflect on the development of the African continent in various scientific and economic fields and face the challenges in order to provide a good life for African people. Egyptian-African cooperation in the field of space to achieve sustainable development on the African continent.

Egypt is committed to supporting the African Space Agency to achieve the objectives of the Agency and the protection of satellites for the countries of the continent, and the development, transfer, localization and development of space science and technology, and possessing the capacity to build and launch satellites and cover the entire continent.

The minister pointed out that Egypt has many research cadres, scientists and researches in this field, which will work in cooperation with African cadres to achieve the sustainable development goals in the African continent, pointing to the need to exchange experiences between officials of the African continent through the establishment of meetings and training courses aimed at developing African capabilities in the field of The space.

The minister called for the participation of the Egyptian Space Agency and the African Space Agency in the Second Global Forum for Higher Education and Scientific Research to be held next April, as an opportunity for dialogue and exchange of expertise and inviting foreign space agencies, as part of the ministry’s efforts to make progress in the field of space technology in Egypt and the African continent.

Dr. Mohamed Elkousy talked about the role of the Egyptian Space Agency in cooperation with the African side, and work to develop and provide an advanced model for the African Space Agency through more meetings and skills development and exchange of experiences with African countries in the field of space.

For their part, African officials praised Egypt’s pioneering role in the field of space technology and the transfer of all that is new in this area to serve the objectives of development in Africa, stressing the importance of benefiting from the mutual experience between the countries of the continent

Source: State Information Service Egypt