Abdel Dayem: The Book Organization Branch in Lebanon is one of symbols of Egyptian cultural leadership

On Friday, 5 July, the Ministry of Culture succeeded in restoring the branch of the Egyptian General Book Organization in Sidani Street in Al Hamra area in Beirut – after eight of suspension, this branch has been reopened after being developed and rehabilitated by Dr. Enas Abdel Dayem, Minister of Culture and Ambassador Nazih El Naggari, Egypt’s Ambassador to Lebanon. Dr. Haitham El Hajj, Head of the Egyptian General Book Organization, attended the inauguration.

Abdel-Dayem confirmed that the branch of the Egyptian General Book Organization in Beirut is one of the manifestations of the Egyptian cultural leadership regionally and one of the most important headquarters spread throughout the Arab world. She noted that its restoration and operation comes after overcoming the challenges and completing all the legal and administrative procedures related to continue its role in the dissemination of culture and it emphasizes the ability of soft power to build bridges of communication between the nations. This branch is located in an attractive area for the pioneers of different nationalities, which helps spread enlightenment and it presents a selection of titles in various languages, including the Encyclopedia of the description of Egypt in 37 part and various publication of the Book Organization. For his part, Al-Haj said that the branch of the Egyptian General Book Organization in Beirut was founded in 1967. In addition, Lebanon was an important logistics area for culture and arts. After 1975 war, it was destroyed and moved to a new headquarters with two floors and a bookstore. He pointed out that the development process was carried out by the Arab Contractors Company, assuring the effort of the Ministry of Culture, represented by the Egyptian General Book Organization, to cooperate with a group of cultural institutions in Lebanon as well as the University of Beirut and with a number of local and foreign publishers to present the enlightenment and culture all over the Arab world .

Source: State Information Service Egypt