Saudi Informatics Team Competing at International Olympiad in Hungary

The Saudi informatics team, comprising Adeeb Al-Shehri, Hameed Al-Hudhali, Eissa Al-Moussa, and Djouri Al-Juhani, is competing in the 35th edition of the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI 2023) held in Hungary with the participation of 360 male and female students from 90 countries.

The Saudi talents are participating for the fifth time in the activities of the IOI, the world’s most prestigious computer science competition for under-20 secondary-school students.

The IOI provides students with an opportunity to enhance their information science skills through problem analysis, algorithm design, data structures, programming, and testing.

Each participant is tasked with handling three assignments that involve problems to be solved within a five-hour timeframe.

Source: Saudi Press Agency