Saudi Bodybuilding Team Wins 9 Medals at the 2023 World Championship

Riyadh, The Saudi bodybuilding team secured 9 medals at the 2023 World Fitness and Bodybuilding Championship held in the Spanish city of Santa Susanna.

The championship witnessed the participation of 1,600 competitors representing 103 countries.

In this year’s event, which is the largest and most competitive in terms of the number of teams and the level of performance, the Saudi team was represented by 12 competitors.

The Saudi team started the championship with Hattan Bukhari securing the third position and a bronze medal in the “Physique” category, while his teammate Naif Al-Bashah achieved the sixth position in the same category.

On the second day, Hamdan Al-Ghamdi claimed the gold medal in the “Muscular Physique” category, and in the same category, his teammate Saad bin Hashim secured the fourth position, while Ibrahim Al-Najim finished sixth.

Saudi achievements continued on the third day with Ramadan Hawsa securing the gold medal in the “Master” category, while his teammate Majed Abu Al-Rahi achieved the fifth position in the same category.

Additionally, Ali Abu Al-Makarem won the bronze medal in the “Bodybuilding 85 kg” category, and Ramadan Hawsa finished fourth in the same category.

Source: Saudi Press Agency