Qatari Newspapers Editorials -1-

In its editorial on Sunday titled “Daily crimes,” Al Watan newspaper held the international community and the US administration responsible for the crimes committed daily by Israeli settler gangs in the West Bank.

The newspaper emphasized that putting an end to the killings, arrests in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and escalating settler attacks requires urgent international intervention, especially from the US administration, to compel the occupation authorities to stop their crimes that violate all prohibitions in international law.

It stated that it is time to stop this ongoing massacre for more than seven decades and the international community has all the necessary tools to push for a solution based on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital, as anything else will lead to more loss of innocent lives.

In its editorial titled “Settler militias,” Al Sharq newspaper warned of the escalation of Israeli occupation forces’ continuous i
ncursions into cities, villages, and camps, which have led to the martyrdom of 463 Palestinians, the injury of about 4,750 others, and the arrest of more than 8,000 Palestinians.

The newspaper added that the settler militias, backed by the extremist right-wing Israeli government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, launched aggressive campaigns under the protection of the occupation forces targeting residents and properties in many Palestinian villages and towns. It pointed out that residents in several West Bank towns were subjected to an unprecedented campaign of attacks, especially the village of Al Mughayyir, northeast of Ramallah, which lived through a night of terror as a result of an armed attack launched by hundreds of settlers, which led to the death of a young Palestinian and the injury of dozens, in addition to the burning of several vehicles and homes.

It mentioned that the West Bank has faced a state of closure since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza, with strict restrictions on move
ment between cities and towns, in addition to continuous raids and intensified arrest campaigns.

The newspaper stated that the international community’s inaction and inability to address the ongoing systematic attacks and crimes perpetrated by settler militias in the West Bank will push the situation in the West Bank to the brink of explosion unless the international community intervenes to fulfill its responsibilities in providing protection for the Palestinian people and launching a political process to address the Palestinian issue based on the two-state solution.

Source: Qatar News Agency

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