Princess Rahma lights flame of 31st session of al-Fuheis Festival

Princess Rahma bint El Hassan lit Tuesday the torch for the launch of the activities of the al-Fuheis Festival “Jordan’s History and Civilisation” in its 31st session, which will continue until August 19 at the square of the Roman Orthodox Monastery. The festival director, the head of the al-Fuheis Youth Club, Ayman Samawi, said, “Jordan is history and civilisation. Our roots are our culture and arts, and here, we are inaugurating the thirty-first session of the al-Fuheis Festival History and Civilisation.” The inauguration was attended by the Minister of Culture, Haifa Najjar; the Minister of Youth, Muhammad Nabulsi; the Governor of Al-Balqa, Firas Abu Qaoud; the Governor of the Mahis and al-Fuheis Region, Saleh Kilani; the Mayor of the Greater Salt Municipality, Muhammad Hiyari, the Commander of the Central Region, Brigadier General Jihad Qudah and the Director of the Balqa Police, Brigadier General Juma Hamayda.

Source: Jordan News Agency