Pope Tawadros II visits Patriarch Lahham in Cairo

Pope of Alexandria, Patriarch of Saint Mark, Pope Tawadros II, visited on Sunday the Patriarchate of the Melkite Catholics in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to congratulate Patriarch Gregory III Lahham on the birth of Jesus Christ.

Lahham expressed a word of welcome to Pope Tawadros and his accompanying delegation, stressing on the depth of relations between the two Churches.

“Our unity is stronger than that of the festive season,” said Lahham, recalling the souls of the martyrs who died in the bombing at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo, adding that “martyrdom for the sake of faith makes us stronger and entrenched in our values and our roots.”

In turn, Pope Tawadros thanked Patriarch Lahham for his warm reception, hoping that “this holy season will carry all goodness and blessings, and turn tears of sadness to joy and hope.”

Source: National News Agency