NNA Conference: ‘Cross Cooperation among Media Outlets’

The National News Agency resumed on Tuesday its work sessions by holding the sixth one of its international conference at the Hilton – Habtour under the headline of “Cross- Cooperation among Media Outlets”.

The session hosted the notable guest speakers Ala’a Haidar, Director – Editor of Chief of Egypt Middle East News Agency, Zeng Hu Diretor of Middle Est Xingua representing Cai Mingzhao , General Director of Chinese News Agency (Xinhua), Jamel Ben Guirat Editor in Chief of Tunisia – Africa News Agency representing Hamida Al-Bourr the Director of the said Agency , Khouloud Attari , Editor of Chief of Palestine’s News Agency (Wafa) and Tae -Sung Jung, IT Director of Korea News Agency (Younhp).

Journalist Sana Nehme moderated the session.

The six session participants capitalized on the importance of Cooperation among Media Outlets in various countries.

In her word, Khouloud Attari, Editor of Chief of Wafa talked about the challenges that have faced Media at the Palestinian territories throughout history.

“The Palestinian revolution radio stations used the radio stations in Lebanon, Amman (Jordan) and Cairo (Egypt) to broadcast its news which used to include codes for the revolutionary youth inside Palestine and to relay encouraging messages to the captives inside the prisons,” Attari said.

She also talked about the difficulties that faced the Media Outlets, pointing out that the occupation authorities ban journalists from going from one city to another as well as from going to occupied Quds and the 1948 territories.

Attari said that the Palestinians tried to cover the occupation violations via the Social Media Outlets, but one of the Israeli enemy ministers communicated with some persons responsible at facebook administration and succeeded in closing about 70%^ of the individual E-pages of supporters of the Palestinians, adding, “This is an evidence that the Palestinian media hurt the occupation through relaying the truth.”

In turn, Ala’a Haidar the Director/ Editor of Chief of Egypt Middle East News Agency said,” Cooperation among Media Outlets could be positive or negative,” talking about the positive cooperation among Media Outlets to protect the environment, to demand Human Rights and Women Rights.

Haidar referred to the Egyptian experience in this context where women succeeded to have 100 seats at the parliament.

Haidar also talked about “the Suez Canal axes project held by Egypt in cooperation with the Chinese News Agency in order to brief the Chinese people on its importance.”

He also numerated the negative sides of the Internet and the Social Media Outlets in brainwashing young people and driving them towards extremism and distorting the Islam image.

Haidar also called upon Media Outlets to take a unified stance against those who support terrorism.

Jamel Ben Guirat Editor in Chief of the Tunisia – Africa News Agency said in his speech that “Cross- Cooperation is a basic necessity imposed by the digital revolution which opened borders” all over the world, pointing out that the Agency has been consciences over building consolidated cooperation with its counterpart news agencies”,

He numerated the cooperation agreements which his Agency signed, mainly having a communication network between the Agency and the European and Arab agencies in 1976, in order to strengthen relations between the Agency and its Arab and Foreign counterparts.

In turn, Zeng Hu Director of Middle East Xingua said our Agency sheds light on the exchange of information among Media outlets all over the world including the National News Agency of Lebanon, pointing out that they intend to sign cooperation agreement with it to strengthen bilateral cooperation and communication.

He stressed in his word on the importance of cross cooperation between media outlets, saying ” this conference is an important evidence on this kind of cooperation

In his speech, Tae -Sung Jung, IT Director of Korea News Agency (Younhp), talked about building a podium to support cooperation between various Media Outlets in the world, explaining that it needs great capabilities for a consolidated cooperation to create a digital and media community which bring together journalists from all over the world.

Source: National News Agency