Changing Government Regulation and Diversification of Economy from Oil Based Industries is Expected to Boost Demand for Middle Electronic Security Market: Ken Research

Middle East electronic security market is expected to generate positive growth in revenue.

Share of fire alarm system and access control devices is expected to increase in future as smart technologies gain importance.

Improving technology and customer willingness to pay premium for quality products will help in augmenting market revenue.

Government keen interest to sustain the economic growth by diversifying industry base will lead to investment in electronic security market. This will create growth opportunities for all type of electronic devices in Middle East.

Ken Research ( announced its latest publication on Middle East Electronic Security Market Outlook to 2021 � Video Surveillance Systems and Integrated Security Solutions to Drive Market Growthrdquo; ( provides a comprehensive analysis of electronic security market in Middle East. The report focuses on overall market size for sale electronic security equipment in Middle East region (Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others), segmentation on the basis of type of product (CCTV, intrusion alarm, access control, fire alarm and others), sub-segmentation on the basis of technology, by sector of application. The report also covers major players, role of consultants and system integrators, decision making matrix, trends and developments. The report concludes with market projection for future and analyst recommendation highlighting the major opportunities and cautions.

Middle East electronic security market is estimated to register a positive CAGR during 2016-2021. Future mega events, such as the 2020 World Expo and the 2022 Football World Cup, crowd control and traffic management is expected to be key drivers for spiked demand for electronic security equipments in the region. Regulation regarding installation of electronic security in other countries such as Oman, Morocco, Turkey, Kuwait and others is expected to create additional demand in future.

It is expected that project related surveillance investment in the region will lead the market. Traffic monitoring will be the key driver for demand of CCTV cameras in the future. With rising population, traffic management is expected to create problem for new and emerging cities creating demand for CCTV based management as smart technologies have emerged which work with minimum human interference. Bosch and Axis communication will continue their dominance but have to face fierce competition and an expected price war with Chinese counterparts.

Global companies such as Unilever, Ashok Leyland, and others have plans to start manufacturing in the region. Investment from government law enforcement agencies and private companies are allocating more budgets to control terrorist attacks. New technologies such as 4K technology bring industry leading clarity and sensitivity to critical video monitoring and surveillance systems. Explosion-proof cameras are an important solution in areas which are on high risk.

Based on analyst recommendation easing restrictions on foreign lenders, private sector involvement in the financing and construction of education infrastructure, security for small and medium businesses are some other key factors that may have positive impact on the market creating additional and replacement demand in the future.

Key Topics Covered in the Report.

Middle East electronic security market size, 2011-2016

Middle East electronic security market segmentation by major countries, major products

Value chain analysis

Role of consultants and system integrators

Decision making matrix

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar electronic security market size by revenue, 2011-2016

UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar Electronic Security Market segmentation by type of product and sub-segmentation by technology and by application

Major players in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar Electronic Security Market

Rules and regulations in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar Electronic Security Market

Major Trends and developments

Competitive landscape of major players in Middle East

Middle East electronic security market future outlook

Analyst Recommendation

Key Products

CCTV (Analog, Digital)

Fire Alarm

Access Control Devices (Biometric Based , Card Based, Pin Based)

Intrusion Alarms (Motion Alarms, Seismic Alarms, Infrared Beam Alarms)

Major Companies




Axis Communications







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Source: Ken Research.