NCW head lauds Egypt firm steps to empower women

Egypt has, over six years, taken firm steps toward supporting and empowering women, and achieving gender equality, said head of the National Council for Women (NCW) Dr Maya Morsi on Tuesday.

Addressing a virtual session organized by the Egyptian Embassy in Washington to communicate with Congress and Senate members there, Morsi reviewed efforts exerted by her NCW to politically, economically and socially empower women, and protect them against violence.

Established in 2000, the NCW is a government mechanism concerned with upgrading conditions of women in Egypt, she made it clear.

Egypt is the first country in the world to have launched a 2030 national strategy to empower women in accordance with the sustainable development goals, Morsi told the US lawmakers.

She cited a number of national strategies to counter violence against women, female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriage.

A number of achievements have been made, with women’s representation in the House of Representatives and Senate reaching 28 percent and 14 percent respectively, said a proud Morsi. She added that female ministers make up 25 percent of the current Egyptian government. More women, about 30 percent, are now investing in the Egyptian Exchange, Morsi further said.

Today’s session is one of many being organized by the Egyptian Embassy in Washington with the aim to explain Egypt’s stances regarding local and regional issues.


Source: State Information Service Egypt