Migrant Crisis and Europe’s double standards, specifically about Syrian Refugees

Non-serious Approach over Migrant Crisis by Europe

In the recent times, Europe has not played an effective part, when it comes to the current Gulf region’s turmoil as it paved a way for “Migrant Crisis” to take place and that issue is being badly mishandled by the different countries of Europe. This non-serious approach will eventually become one of the reasons for the worst situation of the Gulf region, if the “Migrant Crisis” is not tackled effectively because people from the Gulf region, need to have a safe place to go in order to escape from the war zone that the Gulf region has become. Those European countries, that are opposing to allow the refugees, most specifically from Syria, to enter the Europe, must understand that they cannot stay away from the current turmoil of the Gulf region as it will also affect Europe in many ways in the future, if the turmoil persists for a long time.

One right trepidation of Europe over this “Migrant Crisis”

If one evaluates this “Migrant Crisis and finds the real story behind not allowing refugees for seeking the safe and secure place to live by some of the European countries, so he/she will find that those European countries have fear that under the cover of refugees “most specifically from the Gulf region”, many ISIS militants can enter the Europe and get the region in a turmoil as they have done in the Gulf region. That thought of those European countries has intensified more since the Europe has witnessed some recent wave of terrorism, specifically in France, that caused the deaths of many people.

The Arab world and its lack of interest to solve this “Migrant Crisis”

While criticizing some of the European countries not to allow refugees to enter Europe region, one cannot help equally criticizing the Arab world and its leaders, who have got indulged themselves in war of influencing the Gulf region at the time of turmoil in the region, which compelled people to go towards Europe to find out a safe place to live. Currently the political scenario of the Gulf region revolves around Iran and Saudi Arabia, and sadly both of these countries have done nothing which is appreciable in order to facilitate the refugees, who are running towards Europe to seek a safe place to live. Both Gulf rivals, must understand that intensifying already intense situation of the region, will increase the number of refugees, seeking the safe place in Europe and on the other hand, Europe’s aggressive approach over Migrant Crisis, will make the lives of refugees miserable and that may compel them to join hands with terrorist groups. So rather letting them join hands with terrorist groups, both Europe and the Gulf region must unite and come up with any affective solution in order to deal with this “Migrant Crisis”.