Sisi: In new Egypt, citizen should be healthy, culturally and scientifically advanced

New Egypt attaches great importance to building a healthy citizen and raising his cultural and scientific standards, said President Abdel Fattah El Sisi during a celebration on Science Day on Sunday 18/8/2019.

That’s why, we announced 2019 as the Year of Education in Egypt as we believe that science and education are the basis for the development of society, Sisi said.

Sisi stressed that government took steps to develop education to meet the requirements of the local and international labor market and contribute to the graduation of generations capable of creativity and competition.

The Egyptian citizen is the most important and precious wealth the country possesses, and history testifies to this fact, Sisi said.

The Egyptian civilization has staunchly endured all ordeals for thousands of years and has remained a source of inspiration, he added.

He paid tribute to all scientists for their tireless efforts to upgrade their nation.

President Sisi said paying attention to education, scientific research and innovation is still among the priorities of our State. That’s why we are keen to regularly meet talented youths to listen to their innovative ideas and know their problems to find the best ways to back them.

As part of efforts to boost scientific research, the government increased financial allocations set for scientific research and higher education, the President said.

It also began to set up more universities to provide better education to our sons and re-draft ambitious legislative infrastructure to encourage scientific research, he added.

The state also supported setting up centers for scientific excellence and technology settlement.

Addressing Egypt’s scientists, Sisi said there is no other alternative than to resort to science and technology to upgrade our nation.

It is time that Egyptian economy be based on science and knowledge and that our beloved Egypt lives in prosperity thanks to tireless efforts and innovation of its youths and scientists.

The challenges we face now are actually scientific and technological ones. We live in an age where having access to foreign markets can only happen through science, technology and innovation, Sisi said.

Despite difficulties and challenges facing us on the road to achieve hoped-for development, we are on the right track, Sisi said, noting that all accomplishments achieved at all levels push us to exert more efforts to realize more prosperity and progress.

Source: State Information Service Egypt