Heikal: All options on table to avoid entering third stage of COVID-19

Information Minister Osama Heikal said Egypt is confronting the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the second stage according to the World Health Organization estimates.

All options are on the table in order to avoid entering the third stage, he said during a phone call with a TV program on Al Hadath satellite channel on Monday March 23, 2020.

He said the state has a plan to deal with the second stage of the virus, noting that imposing a curfew is an option if the number of cases continues to rise.

He said there is a plan for each stage, noting that the state tries to remain in the second stage until a vaccine is discovered.

He noted that the first coronavirus case in Egypt was an American citizen of Taiwanese origins who caused the infection of 56 people.

He added that the death toll of coronavirus ranges between 2.5 to 3 percent like the rest of world countries.

He expounded that world countries made great sacrifices over the past period when they decided to suspend flights and isolate themselves to prevent the virus’ spread.

Some countries were not expected to suffer from the virus outbreak, but conditions deteriorated in those  countries and the cases reached about 700 daily.

The state is fighting something unknown and the Egyptians’ stay at home for 14 days will help containing the virus, he said, noting that there is no cure for the coronavirus so far.

Source: State Information Service Egypt

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