Health Ministry sets new definition for Covid-19 suspects

The Ministry of Health and Population has issued a new definition to suspect whether a case is infected with coronavirus according to one of the two conditions or both.

According to the new definition, the first case is that a person is suspected to be infected with COVID-19 if they had any of the elements of the epidemiological history with the clinical symptoms. The second case is if a person had the three clinical symptoms altogether. The ministry explained that epidemiological history’s elements include:

1-    If the patient traveled or resided in any community or country where confirmed Covid-19 cases existed, within 14 days before symptoms appear.

2-     If the patient contacted positive Covid-19 cases within 14 days before symptoms appear.

3-     If the patient contacted patients with fever or respiratory problems from communities or countries with confirmed Covid-19 cases during 14 days before symptoms appear.

Source: State Information Service Egypt

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