83 Militants Killed In Egypt’s Sinai

CAIRO At least 83 militants were killed in security raids, on their strongholds in North and Central Sinai, in the past few days, the army said.

The raids, launched from Oct 28 till today, have killed 83 militants, including six highly dangerous terrorist elements, the army said.

An officer and two soldiers were also killed, in the exchange of fire, it added.

Some 61 criminal and wanted elements were arrested. It added, 376 explosive devices, planted to target army and police forces, were dismantled.

The country has been suffering waves of terrorist attacks that killed hundreds of policemen and soldiers, following the military removal of former Islamist President, Mohamed Morsi, in July, 2013.

The terror attacks had been centred in restive North Sinai, before spreading to several provinces, including the capital Cairo, and starting to target Coptic minority via church bombings.

Most of the attacks were claimed by the so-called Wilayat Sinai (Sinai State), a Sinai-based group, affiliated with the Daesh.