Shukri in joint press conference with Bassil: We are here for rapprochement among Lebanese sides

Egypt’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Sameh Shukri, said that his presence in Lebanon was to press every effort in favor of “reaching a rapprochement among Lebanese sides in line with an understanding to be achieved through political symbols and the constituents of people.”

Minister Shukri’s words came Tuesday in the context of a joint press conference with Lebanese Foreign Minister, Gibran Bassil, at the latter’s office.

Shukri said that his country was ready to provide any support to help reach an understanding between local political sides so as to enhance the joint interest and restore regional stability.

Minister Bassil, for his part, said, “We are in front of a new opportunity to cooperate with Egypt” and highlight its big strategic role in the region – “the role of combating terror and exhibiting the true picture of our countries.”

Bassil stressed that Lebanon insisted on its rights and on rejecting both the Israeli violations and Palestinian nationalization.

Turning to displaced Syrians issue, Bassil voiced rejection to nationalization, stressing that displaced people should return to their homeland. He said that on the basis of preserving Lebanon’s national security in light of the displaced issue, Lebanon sought Egypt’s assistance in the international understanding. He went on saying that any bet on using the displaced as a political paper was unaccepted by Lebanon till the end.

Source: National News Agency