Egyptian Foreign Minister Dr. Samih Shukri has re-affirmed that the meeting of the Sudan-Egypt Political Consultation Committee has helped re-activate a number of suspended dossiers and enabled the two sides to work earnestly to implement many of the directives issued by the top leadership in Cairo and in Khartoum.

Addressing a media conference here Thursday following the first round of discussions under the committee, he said the two sides were primarily working to re-activate the strategic integration projects agreed previously and to ensure that the work on the agreed border crossing points and of the bilateral consular sub-committee progressed well, given the importance the two sides attached to these matters.

He underlined the need to cement the co-operation between the two sides in these domains and noted that the meetings had so far focused on regional challenges and that in this connection, the positions of the two countries are unified. He said developments in the Arab arena required political solutions which could help halt the destruction which faced the Arab people.

He also said relations between the two countries were progressing well and in the interests of the two peoples, noting that the Arab region was encountering “ferocious aggression” from terrorist organizations and that it was imperative to meet such a situation through full security co-ordination between the two sides.

He said the question of Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam hydro-electric project was vital to Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia.

Source: NAM News Network