Culture Ministry Celebrates Sinai Liberation Day in Governorates of Egypt

Minister of Culture, Dr. Enas Abdel-Dayem, confirmed that all sectors of the ministry organize a variety of events on the occasion of Egypt’s celebrations of Sinai Liberation, in which we remember our pride and happiness with liberating , the land of ” turquoise” and with the return of a precious part to Egypt.

on Wednesday, April 24, at 8 Pm, On the open Theater of the Opera House, the Coral of ” Children and Youth of Center for Talent Development” presents a series of national works that formed the conscience of the Egyptian and Arab people and performed by our greatest singers, in addition to presenting some modern melodies , with cinematic scenes about the Egyptian heroism.

It is worthy of note that, on 25 April at 9 Pm, Salah Jahin Theater – subjected to The Artistic House of Folk And Theater -presents some of the most important national songs in the frame work of the ministry celebrations of Sinai Liberation day, performed by ” The National Ensemble For Folk Music” stares, the melodies of Dr. Osama Zaghloul and directed by Tarek Hassan.

Furthermore, Al- Hanager Center for Arts Theater , presents a documentary film – in cooperation with ” Golden Men” Foundation- which tells some of the stories of the heroism of our veterans.

Moreover, The National Theater for Child presents a spectacle entitled ” The crossing and victory ” by Mohammed Al-Khouli and Sahina Ya Sena, ” Sehina Ya Asyadna ” Written by Khamis Ezz Al Arab , presented on the Cultural Garden Theater in Sayeda Zeinab – as part of the Initiative ” Know Your Army ” That was launched by Cultural Production Sector.

As for The General Organization of Culture Palaces , it has prepared a cultural and artistic program in the various regions of Egypt, including :- seminars, lectures, readings activities , poetry evenings, artistic workshops , screening documentary films focusing on the eternal Egyptian victories.

Source: State Information Service Egypt