Loyalty to Resistance: Decision to ban Manar TV political

The Loyalty to the Resistance bloc on Thursday deprecated a fresh decision by Egyptian-owned Nilesat to ban al-Manar TV from broadcasting as “unfair” and “political,” explaining that this only proves the grudges Saudi regime holds against the Resistance.

“This decision will not affect our crystal clear position from Saudi Arabia’s erroneous policies, and it will not prevent al-Manar from expressing its convictions and free opinion,” the lawmakers said n a statement issued followed their weekly meeting, held under the chairmanship of MP Mohammad Raad.

“The Lebanese government must assume its duty in order to give al-Manar back its right to broadcasting and to guarantee the freedom of media,” they added.

“The pressures exerted by the Saudi regime during the meetings at the Islamic Summit with a view of harming Hezbollah and the reputation of the Resistance entailed that the Lebanese government sternly stands in their face, since Hezbollah is a key component of the government and in Lebanon,” they concluded.

Source: National News Agency

Arab News Express