Lebanese newspapers headlines for Monday 29/8/2016

AN-NAHAR: Government is committed to its plan “landfill or waste”

“Junk” will be lifted today from streets…to streets

ASSAFR: Berri asserts impossibility of extension of parliament’s term … and “FPM” threatens

Maritime demarcation: tripartite committee… and Washington “when needed”

AL-MUSTAQBAL: Reviews waste file with deputies of Metn today, “either they will be convinced or shoulder their responsibilities”

Shehayeb to “future” Ready for cooperation or…

THE DAILYSTAR: Lebanon gas potential on par with Cyprus, Israel, Egypt

—Lebanon’s gas potential off the coast is on par with the discovery of the commodity in Cyprus, Egypt and Israel, a source close to the Petroleum Administration revealed over the weekend. “The potential resources in offshore Lebanon is not less than any of the reserves discovered in the nearby countries and is similar in magnitude to the size of these discoveries,” the source told The Daily Star.

Source: National News Agency