Labor ministry inks collective labor contract for private school educators

A new collective labor contract for workers in private education institutions was signed Thursday, increasing the duration of an educator’s first contract from 10 to 12 months, effective as of the academic year 2024/2025. Minister of Labor Youssef Shamali said that the new version of the collective labor contract aims at guaranteeing labor rights for workers in private education institutions, adding that the new provisions oblige stakeholders to automate the agreement, which would prevent any attempts to tamper with it. He pointed out that the amendments force private education institutions to transfer the wages of their educators to approved banks or to electronic wallets, pointing out that the new provisions revoked the collective labor contract that bound private education institutions that fall under the Union of Workers in Private Education and the Union of Owners of Private Schools. He stressed that the ministry deals with complete confidentiality with labor complaints submitted through the Hemaya (Protection) platform, including complaints submitted by workers in private education institutions, noting that the new provisions aim to serve the public interest in cooperation with all partner agencies and the executive and legislative authorities. Shamali pointed out that the ministry also implemented a comprehensive awareness campaign for educators to raise awareness on labor rights stipulated in the collective labor contract, which continued for more than two weeks in various media outlets and across social media platforms.

Source: Jordan News Agency