Katara Announces Nine Winners in Novel and Fine Art Competition 2023

The Cultural Village Foundation, Katara, has announced names of nine winners who competed in Katara Novel and Fine Art competition 2023, and distributed to the three award categories, five winners from Egypt, two from Iraq, one winner from Syrian and another winner from Palestine.

The number of participations in Katara Novel and Fine Art competition 2023 reached 266 in the three award categories with 93 participations in the category of published novels, 91 participations in the unpublished novels, as well as 82 participations in boys novels.

The high percentage of participations was from Egypt and Sudan with101 participations while Levant and Iraq ranked second with 67 participations, with Arab Maghreb ranked third, with nearly 63 participations, followed by Arab Gulf with 33 participations while the number of non-Arab countries reached two participations only.

Winner of the most beautiful cover will receive $500, in addition to placing the winner jacket on the novel cover and stating the name of fine artist in the edition.

Source: Qatar News Agency