Jordanian students head to school Sunday as new academic year begins

More than 1.7 million students are waking up for school tomorrow morning in the Ministry of Education, UNRWA and Military Culture schools. According to the Ministry of Education, 1.7 million students are enrolled in 4,271 schools, 4,062 of which are run by the Ministry of Education. The number of students who obtained admission to transfer to government schools from the private sector as of Saturday morning was about As of Saturday morning, more than 15,700 children left private schools and enrolled in public schools. The number is subject to increase within the first two weeks of the academic year, after which public schools would stop admitting new students. The Ministry announced that the number of teachers appointed reached 2006, including 766 teachers holding a pre-service teacher qualification and preparation diploma. According to the statement, the Ministry added that the number of applications for fixed-term teachers is 107,000. The number of administrative and teaching staff assigned to Syrian-student schools reached 5,800.

Source: Jordan News Agency

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