Jordanian dates account for 15% of global market-Hneifat

Minister of Agriculture, Khaled Hneifat, on Thursday visited Palmera Dates Agriculture and Trading LLC. in the capital, which is one of the largest companies for sorting and packing dates. Hneifat was briefed on production lines, refrigeration, packaging, sorting, preservation and packaging processes by the company’s CEO, Yazan Abu Hantash. Hneifat said Jordan’s dates sector is a priority for the ministry’s work and directs support to overcome its challenges, especially as its Majhool dates account for 15% of the global market and constitutes 17% of the crops cultivated in the Jordan Valley and attracts local and foreign investment. Hneifat also referred to the ministry’s plans to support associations to organize and develop the dates sector and achieve the desired growth by dealing with production inputs and providing guidance-based marketing. JAPCO, he noted, will work to open new markets in a number of European countries to market dates, while the ministry will work to review agreements with several countries to serve agricultural exports, and develop transport and export means. For his part, Abu Hantash said a total of 130 workers are employed at the company’s sorting and packing center, as well as more than 140 employees are working in the field, and double the number are indirectly employed in the logistics and transportation services. Abu Hantash noted the company produces about 3,400 tons of dates annually, which constitutes a high export value and an added value locally, lauding the ministry’s role in supporting the dates sector and investing in this industry. During the visit, Hneifat met with head of Jordan Dates Association (JODA), Anwar Haddad, and was briefed on key issues related to the dates sector and its challenges. Haddad valued the ministry’s efforts, especially National Plan for Sustainable Agriculture, in supporting and developing the dates sector.

Source: Jordan News Agency