JAF bids farewell to fallen Pilot

Amman: The General Command of the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) – Arab Army bid farewell on Monday to the martyr, Major Pilot Omar Ata Saeed Al-Abbadi, to his final resting place after performing funeral prayer at the Umm Abhara Grand Mosque in Marj Al-Hamam (southwest of Amman).

The martyr was killed yesterday during a training flight.

The martyr was given a military funeral, during which his body was wrapped in the Jordanian flag and carried on the shoulders of his comrades-in-arms to his final resting place in the Bahath Cemetery. JAF delegate laid a wreath of flowers on the martyr’s tomb.

The funeral was attended by JAF senior officers and security apparatus, as well as retirees, civilian officials, and citizens

Source: Jordan News Agency