Human rights committee at parliament recommends creating unified database for services for people with disabilities

In its recommendations to the government, the Senate Human Rights and Social Solidarity Committee called for the creation of a unified database for services to people with disabilities.

This came within a package of recommendations of the Senate Human Rights and Social Solidarity Committee headed by Representative Mohamed Heiba to the government in light of its study of the economic and social development plan for the new fiscal year 2022/2023 in the committee’s field of competence.

The Law No. 2 of 2021 issuing the Senate’s Bylaws defined the functions of the Human Rights and Social Solidarity Committee, including the draft general plan for social and economic development, rights and freedoms, national legislation and international conventions related to human rights, issues related to international humanitarian law, and international human rights law. Human rights, reports of the National Council for Human Rights, aspects related to human rights in the reports of national councils, independent bodies and regulatory bodies.

This comes in addition to complaints submitted by citizens and bodies regarding human rights, as well as social solidarity, social justice and social solidarity, social security, social care and relief, social defense and juvenile care and social rehabilitation, child and maternity care, breadwinners, the elderly and women most in need and protection, organizing family.

The committee is also concerned with the rights of persons with disabilities and dwarves, charitable and social associations and institutions, social planning, social research and social development.

This applies to other segments of the society including: the displaced, families of fighters, the martyrs of the homeland, the wounded, martyrs and fighters of the revolution The old and the injured, the families of the missing in the war and those who are like them, the wounded in the security operations, their spouses, their children and their parents.

This comes in addition to its jurisdiction over policies and legislation related to human rights, social solidarity, the family and persons with disabilities, and other issues within the jurisdiction of ministries and agencies concerned with human rights, social solidarity affairs, the family and persons with disabilities.

Source: Egypt Today Magazine

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