Sisi asserts need to maintain joint coordination among Egypt, Cyprus, Greece

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said the 7th tripartite cooperation summit among Egypt, Cyprus and Greece, with the first being launched in October 2014, is a real opportunity for exchanging views and coordinating efforts regarding challenges and international issues.

It is necessary to maintain joint coordination and consultation and close cooperation among the three nations, the President said during a joint press conference with his Cypriot counterpart Nicos Anastasiades and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the end of their summit on Tuesday 8/10/2019.

We have reviewed various aspects of cooperation among Egypt, Cyprus and Greece and tackled means of enhancing cooperation in the economic and strategic fields, President Sisi said, asserting that terrorism is an international phenomenon that can never be linked to any religion or culture.

President Sisi told the joint press conference that the summit covered various aspects of cooperation among the three nations and the latest developments in tripartite cooperation projects which play a complementary role in boosting political and economic cooperation among them.

“We have confirmed the need to maintain regular consultation and close coordination at the political and strategic levels and endeavor to upgrade trade exchange and increase joint investments,” President Sisi said.

“We have stressed the importance of enhancing coordination among us regarding the various cooperation frameworks particularly the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum,” he added.

President Sisi welcomed the signing of a number of documents and executive programs among Egypt, Cyprus and Greece in the field of investment for the years 2019-2021 and signing the agreement on dual taxation prevention between Egypt and Cyprus.

“We have affirmed that the state of turbulence in the Middle East region poses a threat to available opportunities to regional countries and deprive their peoples of one of the most important human rights which is the right to a secure life. It also delays these peoples in reaching progress and development, creates new crises in their communities and sends these crises to areas outside the region such as terrorism and illegal migration which is linked with organized crime and human trafficking,” the president said.

President Sisi said they stressed during the summit that terrorism is an international phenomenon that can never be linked to any religion or culture.

It is necessary to exert more international efforts to confront terrorism particularly to formulate binding international legislation to confront terrorism’s media and prevent extremist groups from using technology including social media to spread their ideas and recruit new elements, the president added.

The summit covered illegal migration and its causes and asserted the need not to politicize the issue of refugees, he said.

“We stressed the need to reach a comprehensive political solution in Libya as being the only way to reach stability,” he said.

The latest developments on the Syrian arena were also discussed, he said, adding that they confirmed their support to efforts to resume dialogue among all the parties concerned.

President Sisi added that they mulled the latest developments in Eastern Mediterranean and the tension and escalation of stances that may result in international and regional polarization due to unilateral practices that shake stability in the region at large and harm the interests of the regional states.

President Sisi said that reaching security and stability is a strategic priority that requires collective efforts.

“We reiterated support to efforts exerted by the Cypriot government to reach a comprehensive and just solution to the Cypriot issue, based on relevant UN Security Council resolutions,” President Sisi said.

The President said they discussed the role that the tripartite cooperation plays in reaching more rapprochement between the Arab and African states on the one hand and the European Union countries on the other, especially after the success reached by the first Arab summit in Sharm El Sheikh in February 2019 and holding the fourth Arab-EU summit in Athens on October 29-30 this year.

Source: State Information Service Egypt