An exiled Syrian opposition leader, hailed Egypt’s successful mediation to reach the recent ceasefire deals in Eastern Ghouta and Homs countryside in Syria.

“Egypt regards Syria as an integral part of its history and national security and it has never taken part by any means in the bloodshed in Syria,” said Ahmed Jarba, head of Al-Ghad Movement, a Syrian political opposition group based in Cairo.

Jarba sees Egypt as a fair mediator as “there is no conflict between Egypt and any active Syrian factions, and Egypt does not back any military side in the conflict.”

“The Egyptian side also did not exceed the limits of mediation and sponsorship, but it always supported what we proposed in the negotiations,” the Syrian opposition leader added.

He described the strong relation between Egypt and Russia as “a positive push” for the Syrian opposition to reach the recent ceasefire deals.

Egypt worked with Russia to broker an agreement to create a deescalation zone in the northern Homs countryside, and also brokered an earlier deal to deescalate conflict in Eastern Ghouta region in Damascus.

Russia’s military spokesman said, in Moscow that, the two warring parties in Syria reached the latest ceasefire agreement in Homs, after earlier talks in Cairo on July 31.

The Egyptian leadership has always expressed support for a political settlement for the Syrian crisis, in a way that ends bloodshed in Syria and maintains the unity of its territories.

Russian troops in Syria have been launching bombing campaigns in support of government forces, while a U.S.-led international anti-terror coalition has been launching air strikes against Daesh targets in the conflict-stricken country.

Latest UN-sponsored peace talks in Astana, Kazakhstan, failed to reach an agreement between the administration of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, mainly backed by Russia and Iran, and the exiled opposition

Source: NAM News Network