Rugby Death of Pierre Camou: Africa is in mourning after the passing of former French Rugby Union President

Statement from Abdelaziz Bougja, president of World Rugby’s African association – Rugby Africa:

Former French Rugby Union President, Pierre Camou left us on Wednesday and leaves the world of rugby in France and Africa in mourning. We loved him very much just as he loved us. He was a dear friend of mine who loved Africa and we will cherish his memory in our hearts.

It was under his presidency of the FFR that Rugby Africa signed its first partnership agreement. Pierre was deeply committed to the development of rugby in Africa. He was a great man: honest, generous with deep convictions and strong values. The entire family of African rugby joins me in presenting their sincere condolences to Pierre#39;s family and to the French rugby federation.rdquo;

In memory of Mr. Camou, a minute of silence will be observed on Saturday before the kick-off of the three matches in Namibia, Uganda and Tunisia.

All matches will be broadcast live on television by Kwese Sports, also on YouTube in Africa and on the World Rugby website, YouTube channel and Twitter in the rest of the world.

B-roll footage and photos will be available for media to download after each games:

Source: Rugby Africa.Media contact