AMMAN, Jordan, Nov 18 (NNN-PETRA) – Jordan Queen Rania Al Abdullah inaugurated the TIRAZ Exhibition: ‘Ya Hafeth Ya Ameen,’ the collaboration between the collections of Widad Kawar and Sami Moawiyah Yousef, in an exhibition on protective silver adornments from Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Yemen, and Oman.

The exhibition holds a wide selection of silver jewellery, incorporating amulets and talismans from the early 20th century; a full costume of each representative country, outlining some of the superstitions of people from that era. The various pieces were used in a time when people widely believed in supernatural powers.

TIRAZ Widad Kawar, Home for Arab Dress’s permanent collection, was also on display and has evolved to include a more extensive collection of costumes and home utensils from mainly Jordanian and Palestinian cities; this was done with the help of TIRAZ’s foreign consultant.

During the time in which the exhibition is on display, visitors will be able to create replicas of their favourite amulets, while a treasure hunt among the showcases of different areas is under way and will be launched for children to enjoy during their visit.

TIRAZ is a non-profit organisation that aims to preserve and promote the region’s rich cultural heritage, and is able to do this with the help of the public, the sponsors’ contributions to the exhibition, including Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, Kawar Group, Ard Canaan, Mazaj FM, Trendesign, Intercontinental Hotel, and Al-Aydi.

Ya Hafeth Ya Ameen will run until Monday, Mar 28, 2016.– NNN-PETRA