Moussa represents Berri at Arab Parliamentary Union Conference in Cairo: Nothing supersedes Palestinian cause, any unjust political solution will be impossible

MP Michel Moussa stressed Sunday that nothing can surpass the issue of Palestine and Jerusalem in importance, nor can any unfair political solution to the Middle East crisis be possible.

“Nothing supersedes Palestine and Jerusalem, and any political approach to the Middle East issue will be impossible if a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause is not achieved,” he emphasized.

Representing House Speaker Nabih Berri at the Arab Parliamentary Union Conference held in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, Moussa hoped that “this emergency meeting will remain open to follow-up on the daily developments in occupied Palestine, on one hand, and to keep-up with the rounds of envoys trying to lay down what is described as the deal of the era, on the other hand.”

Moussa recalled that “Speaker Berri had warned on a previous parliamentary occasion in Cairo that President Trump’s Administration may be moving its embassy to Jerusalem…He warned against Trump’s attempt to legitimize the occupation in contradiction to history, geography and international law.”

“Now we may be late as Arabs in our action and reaction…The US embassy was moved to Jerusalem while Israel continues its war games in the Golan Heights and is preparing to ignite the Middle East…The Zionist Knesset has approved the so-called ‘Judaism law’, which is a declaration of war against all the Palestinian people,” he added regretfully.

“Our parliamentary positions should not be subject to the necessities of governments and rulers, and I invite you on behalf of the Lebanese Parliament to free our voice and launch it in the wilderness of our countries and the world at large,” urged Moussa, outlining a number of necessary steps to be adopted in the face of Israel’s moves.

Source: National News Agency