AMMAN, Jordan, Nov 16 (NNN-PETRA) – Jordan’s King Abdullah II said, terrorism poses a major threat to countries of the region and the world, stressing the necessity of combating the phenomenon, through joint regional and international efforts.

The King made the statement in a speech, in which he opened Jordan Parliament’s third ordinary session, attended by Kuwait’s Ambassador to Jordan, Dr. Hamad Al-Duaij, heads of diplomatic missions to the Kingdom and senior officials.

He added that, fighting extremism was a joint regional and international responsibility, noting that, “our fight as Muslims is against those who plan to turn our societies and future generations towards fanaticism and extremism.”

On Palestine, the King said that, the diplomatic agenda of Jordan gives a top priority to the Palestinian cause, as it is a supreme national interest, adding, protecting Jerusalem and sanctities is a religious and historic responsibility Jordan is bearing and defending.

Concerning the Syrian crisis, he stressed Jordan’s support for “a comprehensive political solution” to the Syrian conflict, with the participation of all segments of the Syrian society to maintain Syria’s unity and stability.
Jordan has received brethren Syrian refugees out of humanitarian and national duties, he said, adding, the country has provided all possible assistance, medical aid and shelter to alleviate their suffering.

Meanwhile, Atef Al-Tarawneh, who was elected on Sunday, for the third time in a row as Parliament Speaker, reiterated the parliament’s continuous efforts to back the Palestinian cause, calling for ending the Israeli occupation and setting up an independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

He stressed the support of political leadership, security apparatuses and the armed forces for combating terrorism and deviant ideology.

He said, the current ordinary session gives top priority to discuss the local laws of elections and budget, stressing the need to address legislations required, to evaluate performance and materialise the country’s political vision.– NNN-PETRA