AMMAN, Nov 22 (NNN-Petra) — The e-Government National Steering Committee Saturday launched eight new integrated electronic services for three entities, during a meeting at the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology chaired by Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour.

The new services include two for the Greater Amman Municipality, traffic ticket and real estate tax inquiries, five for the Income and Sales Tax Department and one for the Ministry of Justice, the issuance of certificates of no criminal conviction.

These services, the first package of integrated electronic services which will be 18 in total this year, will bring to 100 the overall number of e-Government services available to the public by the end of 2015.

Furthermore, Ensour said that over three years, 350 digital services will introduced and will be felt by the citizens, adding “this is not all, the number of governmental services is nearly 2,000, which means we need a number of years”.

The e-Government project is aimed at improving the level of service to the public and ensure easy and quick service to save them time and effort, Ensour said.

“The IT sector is of great importance to our country and its progress as it facilitates tasks and simplifies procedures for citizens, in addition to the accuracy of data and the prevention of intended or unintended human errors. This will help to create an advanced and civilized Jordan, characterised by the accurate and control of its transactions, enhanced oversight and less corruption”, Ensour said in remarks at the meeting.

He acknowledging that the e-Government project had been slow in the past years, “for which we made big losses”, adding that the communications ministry and the rest of the ministries had speedily drawn up a plan to make up for the delay. — NNN-PETRA