Finance Min.: New blood to be injected in leading positions to achieve economic targets

Finance Minister Mohamed Maait said on Sunday 2/5/2021 new blood will be injected in leading positions within the coming period to achieve economic targets.

Qualified workers who possess professional management tools and capable of utilizing latest-of-the-art technology in simplifying procedures and enhancing governance will be chosen for leading positions within the coming period, Maait said.

The move comes in line with the new Customs Law that provides the legislative umbrella of the national project for modernizing customs mechanism, according to a statement by the Finance Ministry.

Maait instructed Head of the Egyptian Customs Authority (ECA) EL Shahat Ghattoury to step up field follow-up on all customs outlets to stand on challenges facing workers and clients and take immediate steps to iron them out.

Customs outlets should be transit gates and not places for storage, he said, urging lowering customs clearance duration and reducing prices of goods and services in local markets to contribute to facilitating the movement of internal and external trade and stimulating investment.

Ghattoury, on his part, said open periodical meetings will be held within the coming period with the commercial and industrial community via video-conference to stand on obstacles facing them and mull appropriate solutions.



Source: State Information Service Egypt

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