President Aoun to ONTV Egypt: We agreed on rebuilding country without waiting for end of wars

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, reiterated yesterday evening (Monday) that the Lebanese people have acceded to rebuild their State regardless of conflicts taking place abroad.

“We came out of a crisis in Lebanon, and as Lebanese, we have agreed on reconstructing our country without waiting [for a conclusion] to the endless wars in the region,” President Michel Aoun’s stance came during a televised interview on ONTV Egypt.

President Aoun stressed that he was a President to all the Lebanese without distinguishing between one group and another.

Aoun explained Hezbollah’s role in Lebanon by saying “Hezbollah fought in South of Lebanon against the Israelis to liberate our occupied territories,” noting that the Party has never turned its weapons against the Lebanese.

“Hezbollah’s arms are being discussed within a defensive strategic plan for Lebanon,” he retorted.

Aoun described the war in Syria as “destructive”, expressing fear in case the Arabs did not take the initiative to find a solution in Syria, in particular Egypt, which should have an equivalent initiative to that of Russia and Turkey.

Commenting on the stance of the Israeli Foreign Minister who wanted to drag Lebanon into paying the price for the political solution in Syria, Aoun underscored that Israel has experienced launching numerous failed wars on Lebanon, which ended in Israel forfeiting; therefore, the Israelis would not dare do it all over again.

He revealed that his meeting with Sisi was “very easy”, commending the Lebanese-Egyptian bilateral relations.

“Every advice we learn from Egypt has a moral value to us,” Aoun added.

Aoun added that Lebanon and Egypt have security cooperation in the field of intelligence, surveillance and exchange of information.

He also revealed the possibility of cooperation between Lebanon and Egypt to rebuild Syria.

Source: National News Agency