Aoun briefs cabinet on results over the displaced issue

The President of the Republic Michel Aoun briefed on Wednesday the council on the most prominent issues that he discussed with the Arab and Foreign delegations who lately visited Lebanon, especially the displaced Syrians’ issue and its effect on the economic and social situation in Lebanon.

The President reiterated that Lebanon shoulders a lot of burden as a result of the Syrian displacement, noting that Lebanon is looking forward to have safe places for them through which they can gradually return to their country.

The President also briefed the Council of Ministers on the result of his talks with the Saudi State Minister of Arab Gulf Affairs Samer Al-Sabhan which included following up on the issues which the President had previously discussed with King of Saudi Arabia Salman Ben Abdel Aziz.

Aoun added that many points which he and the Saudi King have discussed started to see light, such as the appointment of a new Ambassador to the Kingdom in Lebanon as well as increasing the number of Saudi flights to Lebanon.

The President asked the concerned Ministers to follow up on these issues with their Saudi counterparts.

The President also informed the ministers that he is about to have an official visit to each of Egypt and Jordan in response to invitations of the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sissi and the Jordanian King Abdullah II Ben Al-Hussein respectively, adding that the visits will be within the tour that he decided to have to the various Arab countries.

In turn, Prime Minister Saad Hariri briefed the President and the Ministers on the most prominent issues which he discussed with the Saudi Minister Sabhan, confirming that “the Lebanese- Saudi bilateral relations are to be more open and activated.”

Hariri praised the President’s words as for the need to coordinate with the concerned Saudi ministers, especially with the presence of bilateral agreements which must be activated.

The Prime Minister announced that a common Lebanese-Saudi Higher committee would be formed as is the case between Lebanon and a number of other countries.

Hariri also tackled the displaced Syrians’ issue and asked the concerned ministers to coordinate with the State Minister of the Displaced Affairs Mouiin Al-Merebi to put the needed projects regarding the displaced issues.

Source: National News Agency