Egyptian Cabinet releases figures on furniture industry

The Cabinet issued Monday a report on the furniture industry indicating that its share in the GDP is 2.2 percent, and that it consists of 15,800 manufacturers providing 69,000 jobs.

The number of jobs grew by 13.5 percent in 2022 up from 60,800 in 2021. Most of those are concentrated in Damietta governorate, which is home to 70 percent of workers in the field.

With regard to exports, a slowdown occurred between 2017 and 2021, when they recorded $214.7 million down from $220 million, with a drop of 2.4 percent. As for the top importers, they are Saudi Arabia with $44.7 million (20.8 percent), UAE with $30.2 million, and Iraq with $20.7 million.

On the other hand, Egypt’s imports of furniture rose by 7.2 percent in 2021 hitting $303.3 million up from $282.9 million in 2020. Yet, the amount is less by 10 percent than that recorded in 2019 and that was $337.1 million.

Source: Egypt Today Magazine